Vocomi's ERP is uniquely designed for making complex task easier, this software will be a new experience for the customers and will help them to control and integrate their business modules.

Supply Chain Management

Our software starts with the delivery of raw materials from a supplier to a manufacturer and ends with the delivery of the finished product or service to the end consumer. A complete solution for the vendors, suppliers and manufactures.Easy to maintain all type of records.

Shopping Portal

Present scenario shopping means online shopping, people will use their phone and laptop to view the products and purchase them, for a shop owner it is necessary to showcase their products online , Vocomi will help you to do that. Our shopping cart is designed for single vendor for exploring multiple products in their shopping portal and give attractive offers for the customs and sell them. Vocomi's shopping portal is a remedy for shop owners online related problems.

Easy Sales Solutions

A complete sales software for supermarkets , which will work an encyclopedia of the business, from keeping customers details ,staff details , product billing , showing sales graphs and reports . This software introduce customer classification program where a super market can maintain their customer relationship.


Simple and strong billing software which will reduce the delays in the counter and have the capacity to keep track the billing details. Elegant user inter faces and user friendly software. With minimum cost maximum result for the users.

Smart Office

It include the attendance management, Staff management,Leave management ,Task management, Projects management, Salary management etc, a complete solution for any type of industry .

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